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Everybody has dreams, even if they’re buried deep inside childhood fantasies. Here’s how to find them and make them come true.

1. Get in touch with your dreams. What do you fantasize about doing with your spare time? What extraordinary…

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 I’ve created these flyers for a school activist project where I bring more attention to the women in history that have been forgotten or ignored. This blog will be an extension of those flyers where I post longer biographies of these women and other bad-ass women like them. Too often women’s achievements have been pushed aside, either by others in their lives, or else by the historians who choose to ignore them. This tumblr is dedicated to celebrating them and bringing their achievements to light!

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SW:   190

CW:   183

GW1: 170

GW2: 155

UGW: 145

I am currently on week 5 day 3 of the Couch to 5k program, and have seen huge progress on the running front. I have been eating very unhealthily, and I know I can’t effectively loose weight if I don’t have a nice little lifestyle change. 

So here’s the commitment to finally lose it!



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Ing. J. Conzett, Chur

Neat stuff!

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Mermaids are real! Okay, not exactly real, but you can still dive in and swim around under the sea in a custom-made tail from the Mertailor.

You really have to see this video

We have a new bucket list entry!

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I freakin love this spoon!

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